About us

Experts in Engineering

For more than a decade, Sensyne has been developing products that advance “The Quality of Ring Light” through engineering and manufacture of cutting-edge LED products. We boast expertise in engineering flexible lighting solutions for ease of integration into vision systems design.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

With many of our unique ring light patents, our products are enhancing the capabilities of photographic imaging in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. Our versatile designs are continuously upgraded to incorporate the latest LED, electronic technologies and human engineering technology available.

Synergized Technology

First to implement built-in constant current drivers across multiple product lines, Sensyne continues to synergize cutting-edge LED lighting & electronic technologies in an effort to simplify innovation and increase consumer satisfaction.

Exceptional Quality At Affordable Prices

Manufacturability, durability, and consumer satisfaction play equal parts from beginning to end in our engineering & design process. We take the time to meticulously design products that combine ease of manufacture, high quality standards, and utility into a lean manufacturing model. This foresight enables Sensyne to offer the most advanced designs on the market at affordable prices.

Product Diversity

Customer feedback on product performance, and technology advancements in LED ring light and tripod stands has led us to further improve upon these products to create new generation. We are one of the leading players with the most extensive and advanced ring lights and tripods product line on the market.

Customer Service

Sensyne's reputation as a customer-oriented, technology based company, continues to expand while our product’s performance and reliability sets the foundation for solid relationships with our loyal customers.